Discounts for Bulk Orders!

We carry a wide variety of bark. We have shredded bark including Cedar Freeway and Fir Walk-on bark. We also carry a large variety of sizes including mini, small, medium, and large.

If you are looking for something to put under a swing set or in a playground we offer Playground Chips that are used by many north state schools and public parks.

Barks are great ground covers. They can help control weeds and maintain moisture if placed at an adequate depth. Some will be better for sloped areas. Choose the Cedar Freeway or Fir Walk-on if you have a sloped yard. These shredded varieties are more likely to bind together forming a mat that will stay in place.

Want to improve the look of your yard? New bark placed in your yard is the quickest and easiest way to make your yard look beautiful. Plus the smell of fresh bark will be an added bonus to your newly beautified yard.

Cubic Yard Prices

Cubic Yard Calculator
Mulch Bark | Axner Excavating

0 – ¼″ Mulch – $27

Large Bark | Axner Excavating

Large Bark – $38

Playground Chips Bark | Axner Excavating

Playground Chips – $37

Cedar Freeway Bark | Axner Excavating

Cedar Freeway – $25

Medium Bark | Axner Excavating

Medium Bark – $38

Small Bark | Axner Excavating

Small Bark – $38

Fir Walk-On Bark | Axner Excavating

Fir Walk-On – $31

Mini Bark | Axner Excavating

Mini Bark – $38

Smart Bark | Axner Excavating

Smart Bark – $35