Winter is on its way. Axner Excavating Inc. can help you prepare for the rainy season. You can purchase sand bags either filled or just the sand or bag separately. Customers have purchased our filled sandbags for water diversion, added weight to vehicles in winter weather for improved traction, or to be used as weight for holding down plastic sheeting and tarps. We also carry erosion supplies such as straw, seed, straw wattles, culverts, road base, sand, small tools, etc. we can help with drainage, septic and utility break repairs. We are a family business since 1967. We are open 7 days a week for your convenience and strive to provide fast service. Call and talk with one of our many long term experienced team members about our hourly operated equipment service including backhoe, dozer, loader, water truck, vac truck, and we can provide services such as demolition, septic systems, roads & driveways, utilities, repairs and installation, deliveries and much more. Call today at 530-222-0539.