Got weeds? We have the solution to get control these pests. We can help you take care of general weed problems with Roundup or try a less expensive, yet just as effective, glyphosate product such as Ranger Pro.

If you have something that the general weed killer is just not doing the job on such as poison oak, blackberry, or other hard to kill brush or broadleaf weed, you can try products such as Bonide Brush Killer, Remedy, or Garlon. Want to prevent weeds? Try preemergents such as Surflan, Pendulum, or Dimension. Maybe you have weeds in the lawn. We can help with that too.

Our arsenal of selective weed killers that can kill the weeds, but not the lawn, include products like PBI Gordan, Trimec plus Crabgrass, Turflon, Ester, and Weedwacker.

Maybe you are trying to get rid of the bugs that are eating your lawn, vegetables, ornamentals, or invading your home. We carry a wide variety of insecticides that will help you get a handle on those pests. Some insecticides we carry include Tempo, Bayer Carpenter Ant & Termite Carpenter, Termidor, Sevin, Merit, and Neem, just to name a few. Are there brown spots in your lawn, ornamentals, or vegetables? Maybe you have a fungus. Some fungicides we carry include Bayer Fungus Control, Eagle, Agri Fos, Daconil, and Monterey Fungi Fighter.

If you have gophers, voles or moles tearing up your landscape and leaving mounds in the lawn, we carry baits and repellants that can eliminate or send those pests down the road. Uncle Ian is a very successful repellent for gophers and moles and voles that can be used in the lawn, landscape, flowerbed and yard. Remember to read the label to make sure you are using the proper product for the job and to follow the labels instructions.